9 06 2010





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16 06 2010

Hi! This year was very dificult. But in english not. Because english is very easy. Past simple, Future with Going to, will… I like english and is very important for all the world. Good bye teacher and Good Luck.

16 06 2010

i have a lot exxxams,today is the last exam hurray

16 06 2010

hi friends and teacher, I’m happy and sad =( at the same time, because the term is ending and I’m going to miss you!!! I love you very much, and I want to see you in summer . I think the is e high school is more difficult than the school , but I think it is funnier.At the beginig i thought that I hated the high school, but now I think it is good, because you can meet new people. I LOVE YOU (l) AND I’M GOING TO MISS YOU AT SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16 06 2010

i have a lot exxxams,today is the last exam hurray.

this course is finish.

16 06 2010

ufff….. end of the exams¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ hurray XD

Next year, we ‘re going to 2º. the year has past very fast¡¡¡¡¡

but i can say that this year was fabulous¡¡¡ :- (

I will miss you !!!!!!

see you soon..

16 06 2010

hi! i love the blog and our exams are very dificult of the high school and need our good luck for the exams, teacher your exam is very easy thank you

bye bye

16 06 2010

your are the best techer for me

16 06 2010
Alfonso, Gorbad and Willy

This has been a very difficult year. We have enjoyed the good moments, and we have suffered the bad moments. You are a very estrict teacher, but you have done many things for us, like the theatre play. Thank you very much for all, we are going to miss you.

16 06 2010

Hi¡ Is the finish of 1ºESO and the holydays going to beging.

16 06 2010

hellooo the exams is finish of the high schooll !!! hurray !!!! and arrive the summer i am very happy bye bye teacher and friends !!!

16 06 2010

hi! teacher I am María. This sumer, im august i am goin to go to the beach twelve days amd the others days of august i will travel to ¨¨Santiago de Compostela¨ because my parents wont to go this, but i wont go to London for practice my english and because i like London. When I will be fourteen years old I wont to go to a exange in London them I will not that go with my parents.

Bey! Bey!

16 06 2010

hi, we have to be happy because exams are finishing!, and summer is starting. I hope you have good holyday!!!!, and i hope next curse will not so dificult!

16 06 2010

hello am fran the blog is better than befor the cuser is short too me byee

16 06 2010
Ángel and Javier López

This course has been funny. We had good but very dificult.This summer Ángel go to the sea of my grand-father and with my mather i go to Barcelona with my family. This summer Javier López go to the Marugán( Segovia) and go to the beach with my family

16 06 2010

hello am fran ii wcih uu are good vacation this summer

16 06 2010

Hi¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ This year i will go to the beach with my parents and my friend family.Also i will go to swimming pool with my parents and my cousins.

It is great.


16 06 2010

When i started the high school i though the level its very difficult but whit the teacher and my clase all is very easy and all days was very funny… !!!!

Bye bye teacher and compains happy holidays!!!! 😉

16 06 2010


finally finished exams !!!!!!!!

and almost all go to 2 º ESO

well I wish you all a good holiday

good bye


16 06 2010

Im very happy because the class is going to end.
but i sad because i can´t see my firends =( but we can meet in summer and do the activity book of spanish….
🙂 😉

16 06 2010

this summer is going to summer at the beach !!!!! bye bye teacher and frieds

16 06 2010

hello the summer is arrive and i gonig to the beah . bye bye teacher and friends

16 06 2010

i like to ga te a very goood animes¡¡¡

for examples:

vampires knight


one piece

death note

d gray man—-this is the best¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

16 06 2010
Elena & claudia

in this holidays we are going to go to a camp in Madrid. we are going to stay two weeks and then, we are going to go to the beach, in Mazarrón whit our boyfriends!!xD
we love you !! (LL) 🙂

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